Psychology Department Research Requirement

What to do if you've earned an incomplete grade

If you received an incomplete grade in Introduction to Psychology because you did not complete 
the research participation requirement, you have one academic year to make up the work. After this time, you must re-register for the course to earn credit if it is required for graduation (see

Do you know how many hours of work you need to make up? 
If not, then contact You can complete the requirement by doing experiments (see, by writing research papers (see, or a combination of the two. One hour of an experiment/one research paper count as one hour of your four-hour requirement.

No matter how you complete your requirement, you must send an email to when you finish. Include your full name, the semester and year in which you took the course, and the name of your instructor. There is no automatic notification that your grade should be changed, so this is a critical step.

Grade changes typically take around two weeks, and you may not be notified by the Registrar 
that your grade has been changed. You can double check this in PeopleSoft. Note, however, that there are certain times at the end of the semester when papers and grade changes cannot be processed because other housekeeping must take place. In particular, from the last week of the semester until the second week of the following semester, paper scoring and grade changes are suspended. Therefore, be sure to plan ahead if you will submit papers or require a grade change.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact