The above illustrates the results of experiments to determine the accuracy of parallax programs
conducted with the CCD camera on the 76-cm Thaw refractor. The 2048X2048 back-side-
illuminated Marconi chip has a scale of 0.196 arcs sec per pixel on the f18.6 red-light corrected
refractor. The error of a position is approximately equal to the internal error of a relative parallax
obtained from a 2.5 to 4 year study (eg. the Hipparcos Catalogue). Each point is the average RA
and Dec precision of a position obtained from a study based on 4 hours of observation,
approximately that of a parallax determination. The goal of our program is to find the parallaxes
of stars with apparent magnitudes below the cut off of the Hipparcos catalog, while maintaining
an ability to study the motions of brighter stars. The above study suggests that we can achieve a
precision of approximately 1 mas (0.001 arc sec) in these studies.