Astronomy 0086

(Observational Astronomy Laboratory)

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All of the images above were taken using  an SBIG ST-2000XM CCD camera.

This course is for students who have a desire to become familiar with the nature and motions of celestial objects in the night sky and techniques to observe them. Each week students meet for two 50 minute lectures on campus and one evening session at Allegheny Observatory. Transportation to the Allegheny Observatory is provided by the University. The course will be given at a level suitable for both science and non-science majors who want to learn how to use a telescope and enjoy observational and practical astronomy. The course will make use of existing Observatory facilities. The activities will focus on: (1) practical astronomy from the standpoint of understanding the motions of objects in the sky (including constellations versus celestial coordinate systems), (2) telescopes and their use, (3) observational astronomy using a digital CCD camera, (4) the nature of astronomical objects which are observable with the unaided eye or a small telescope.

ASTRON 0086 Observational Astronomy  Lab Cr Hrs: 3
CRN # Time Location
Monday  and Thursday  6:00P -- 6:50P ALLEN 106 
18336 Monday 7:30 -- 10:30 Allegheny Observatory
18337 Thursday 7:30 -- 10:30 Allegheny Observatory

Please Note: The laboratory class is a total of four hours, approximately one hour of travel time plus three hours of class.

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University of Pittsburgh
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